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2023 Season

We finished our 10 th year with another great season. Our return clients are like family, we really appreciate your loyalty and confidence that brings you back to our little piece of Montana. Archery was a great with, new and return clients. Mary Lou was our cook and Jackson joined us as a guide. We were blessed with a lot of rain over the summer, leaving the hills green and full
of feed for the elk. Newt, Brock, Jake, and Jim were with us all general season. We are grateful to have such an experienced and professional crew!

2022 Season

2022 was another great year of hunting in  South West Montana. We started the year in September with archery season. Mary Lou and Graham and Jim were there to make the week a great success.

Rifle season was much colder with a lot more snow than usual. We had the same great crew, Newt Brock, Jake and Jim with us. We are so grateful to have these guys on our team. Luke was very proud of them and all the hard work they do for us despite the weather. Kristin had knee surgery the second week of the season, so Jake stepped up and learned how to do a lot of the side dishes and chores!

Thank you to all of our clients for trusting us to take you on a Montana big game hunt.

Luke and Kristin

2021 Season

What is there to say about 2021, other than we survived the craziness of covid and what it had to offer all of us. We greatly appreciate our staff and clients for being so supportive.

We had a great 2 weeks of archery with 5 great clients. Graham Murphy joined us as a guide this year. His knowledge of archery hunting helped our clients have a fun and successful hunt. Mary Lou spoiled everyone with her cooking and homemade goodies!

The general season was great with both Newt and Brock back with as guides. We had a new cook, Jake, for the season. He was wonderful addition, and we hope to have him back next year. Jim is always around to help when we need him. Camp would be lost without his help.

We are thankful to live a great way of life and have so many great people working and supporting us. We can’t pull off a successful season without their support.

2020 Season

2020 turned out to be a great hunting season, although it was certainly a year that most of us don’t want to experience again. We are grateful to have the supportive clients that we do. It is nice to be able to offer them a week of peace and quiet in the crazy world we are living in.

We started the hunting year in September with archery and had great clients. Mary Lou was our cook again for those two weeks. She spoils them with all her homemade goodies!

The general season started out with two crazy cold weeks. The drought year made hunting more interesting for sure. Thanks to Newt, Travis, and Jim. Having a crew with great experience makes everything go smoothly in such an uncertain year.  

Brock Johnson joined us this year as a guide. He was a great addition to the crew. He even survived all the jokes from the “old guys”. His experience with horses and working as a fishing guide was appreciated.

Thank you for making 2020 a great year for a hunt, we hope to see everyone back soon!

2019 Season

We had a good season with great clients. The first week of rifle started very cold and snowy but ended with success. Corey and Newt were our guides again and as always they did awesome. Camp would not run right if we didn’t have Jim to help as our official gopher. Travis joined the team as our cook, he did a supper job and was greatly appreciated. As we looked back on the year we are thankful for having such a great crew and supportive clients.

2017 Season

Thank you to everyone that joined us this year! Luke takes great pride in having a fun and safe camp. He could not do it without our great staff and clients. We look forward to seeing what 2018 brings!

The second week of archery started 2017 season with a Traditional Archer. The weather decided to make a huge change which made things interesting, yet he was able to end with a very successful week.

The general season was our best so far! Jake and Newt were able to come back as guides again this year and as always did an excellent job! Jim Valach was also a guide/gopher. We cannot express how much we appreciate his help on everything he does for our camp! We would be lost without his support! Corey Murray joined our team of guides this season. His knowledge of horses and hunting was really appreciated, we look forward to having him guide with us in the future. Wayne was back as our cook and as always sends everyone home with a few extra pounds.

We had many return clients, which is like having family back each year. We greatly appreciate their support and loyalty time and time again. It is always nice to have new faces in camp, and see the looks of excitement and awe that they bring with them. We take our great area for granted and seeing it through the eyes of others reminds us how truly blessed we are to live in such a great valley.

2016 Season

We started out the season the second week of September with archery. The bulls were bugling all week, that always makesfor an exciting hunt. The weather was a little too warm all fallwhich made the season a little tougher and made the guides work harder,yet we felt it was a successful year.

It is always nice to start off the year with old friends and make new acquaintances throughout the season. We sadly said good bye to our friend and guide Zach Babat, who died in a plane crash in Alaska. He was a great part of our team and was greatly missed.

We had a great team of guides this year, Sam and Jake were back again and Newt, Lukes nephew started his guiding career. It is always a relief to have great guides in the field to ensure the hunt is enjoyable and successful. With the weather so nice Wayne was able to serve lunch outside many days. As always he did a super job in making sure everyone went home well fed!

We added a Honda Pioneer side by side and new tack shack to the camp this year. The Pioneer was a great tool in making it easier for game retrieval and assisting our diverse age of hunters get to the perfect spot to get an elk.

2015 Season

It was another great year of hunting at 4 Dot Outfitters. We started the season in September with a couple that came out for a bow hunt, and four weeks filled for the general rifle season.

Sam Novich and Zach Babbit guided with us again this year and did a great job. The 4th week Jake Herak joined us as a guide, his extensive knowledge of the outdoors is a great addition to our team, and we look forward to having him with us next year. Wayne cooked for us again and, as always, did a great job.

We try to make improvements around camp every year to better your stay. This year we added a camper so our clients have access to a shower. Luke set up a battery system for the use of C-Pap Machines in the shack that worked great.

2014 Season

Thank you to everyone who hunted with 4 Dot Outfitters, in our first year of ownership. We had an outstanding year! With 20 hunters during Rifle and Bow seasons, everyone had the opportunity for a shot, making 2014 a very successful year.

Our guides did an outstanding job. It definitely wouldn’t have been such a successful season without their support and talent in the field. Thanks, Guys!

Zach Babbit guided for us the first two weeks, as always doing a great job and bringing a great experience to our camp. It is nice to know you have someone on the team willing to support your goals and make things go smoothly.

Sam Novich guided the first and fourth weeks this year. It was his first experience as a guide, but certainly not his first hunting trip. He is a great addition to our team!

Wayne Redfield was back for his third year as our cook. With a few more tools and new meals to cook, he sent everyone home happy and a few pounds heavier!

We were able to add a 16 x 24hunting shack to camp, it is a solid wall building that replaced the large wall tent. It turned out to be a great improvement to the camp. During the 3rd week, the temperature dropped to 15 degrees below zero and everyone stayed nice and warm!

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